Pierre-Alexandre CLORICHEL

Helping companies work better

Creating productive teams, managing powerful tools and building efficient solutions.

Born with a keyboard, I learned machine languages before talking. Now bringing your business to its new successes: hiring and training talented profiles all over the world, bootstrapping top-notch tools synchronized to highly operational applications.

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What do I do

Open source contributor, keen on learning through side-projects like vue-gitlab-api and vue-github-api (deadly simple Vue.js plugins to consume GitLab and GitHub API), GanttLab (the easy to use, fully functional Gantt chart for GitLab and GitHub)… and counting! You will find below an overview of what I could help you with.

Effective DevOps

  • Cloud computing: provider agnostic Infrastructure as a Service, Amazon AWS, Google GCP, DigitalOcean...
  • Designing infrastructures for high performance and heavy load applications that scale while letting you sleep at night
  • Automating the world: bash and cron scripts, continuous integration, servers deployment, continuous delivery, infrastructure as code
  • Packaging applications with Docker, legacy configuration management and orchestration sytems
  • Managing Linux and FreeBSD servers, Kubernetes K8s distributed clusters: in the cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions

Qualified for your next tools

  • Kubernetes, AWS ECS: highly efficient and scalable microservices ecosystems, built and deployed as containers
  • Creating, tweaking and maintaining Helm Charts: the package manager for Kubernetes to define, install, and upgrade even the most complex Kubernetes applications
  • Monitoring applications and infrastructures: Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix, Cacti, CloudWatch...
  • Empowering logs: Elasticsearch, Kibana...
  • Setting up advanced workflows: building customized tools using APIs and hooks to automate daily routine and let people focus

Fullstack Lead Developer

  • TypeScript / JavaScript / Node.js: core, Express, Koa, Feathers, Lerna, Jest...
  • Vue.js: reactive components for modern web interfaces
  • PHP: core, Laravel, Symfony, Wordpress, etc...
  • HTML5 and CSS (LESS, SCSS)

Connected to the World

  • Conference and meetup speaker: constantly in touch with talented people around the world
  • Hiring and training teams: frontend, backend, project managers, team leaders
  • Volunteer of the world, always ready to help

I would be happy to share more with you: just send me an email so we can meet and chat about your plans, projects, and how we could work together to outshine the expectations.

Where do I work

Currently settled in France after globetrotting the world as a remote worker (Dubai, Mauritius, New York, Montréal, Boston, Portugal, Spain, Martinique) and a couple years in Toronto, Canada. Grew up in France, where I created and managed a set of IT businesses for about 10 years (websites and custom software, hardware, maintenance…).

How did it go

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work with awesome people all over the world. Here’s what they said about me.

An incredibly valuable professional, both for his proficiency, autonomy, dedication, and the "well done" effect about everything he worked on. Damien D. - CTO
One of the most knowledgeable guy I ever spoke with. Dwayne M. - CTO
A truly restless engine: he's been driving our teams beyond expectations, and got us all better than ever. Hammad B. - Team Lead
Highly invested in his missions, he deployed tools and practices that facilitated our growth and talent acquisition. Lionel B. - CEO
His "we can solve any problem" attitude is something that sticks with me and I'll be a better developer for it. Seth F. - Team Lead
A talented technical leader, and a real doer: he's been instrumental in creating value for the business. Nathan L. - CEO