Are you getting used to the power of a simple Gantt chart, to have the higher overview for your GitLab issues schedule and your whole planning? Today, GanttLab bridges the gap between all of your projects by introducing GitHub support! From this very moment, you are free to login to GanttLab with one of your GitHub Personal access tokens, or with your usual GitLab credentials.

Latest @GanttLab release now comes with both @gitlab and @github support out of the box! Tweet this

GanttLab is the easy to use, fully functional Gantt chart for GitLab and GitHub. It provides your teams with the right tool to master time and deadlines, without any configuration needed. Already running for you, GanttLab is also available on-premise through an easy 4 step process. It is blazing fast and absolutely safe to run. Read more about it on

Introducing GitHub support

So many people are used to work on the huge number of repositories hosted on GitHub, which API is pretty extensive and really fast: there were no way for GanttLab not to integrate it seamlessly, sooner or later.

Thanks to VueJS components and GitLab CI magic, that was insanely straightforward! First, I was able to port vue-gitlab-api to its vue-github-api sister-plugin in less than one hour. Both are deadly simple Vue.js plugins to consume GitLab and GitHub API, coming with Vuex support, and used as data providers to filter and collect your issues into GanttLab tasks. It then took me the day to slightly refactor GanttLab main logic through Vuex states, which are shared application wide, to deliver the same smooth and easy to use Gantt chart, wherever your issues come from!

There are no limitations to using GanttLab over GitHub: you will simply notice you don’t have to provide an URL, because it is automated for GitHub, which we unfortunately can’t install on-premise. As you may know, GitHub comes with NO due date on issues. That’s where GanttDue got your back! I can’t wait to see GanttStart and GanttDue flourishing in GitHub issues descriptions, and read about how you will use GanttLab to deliver better code, faster.