Pierre-Alexandre CLORICHEL

Helping companies work better

Creating productive teams, managing powerful tools and building efficient websites.

I was born with a keyboard, and learned machine languages before talking. Now bringing your business to its new successes: hiring and training talented profiles all over the world, bootstrapping top-notch tools synchronised to highly operational websites.

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What do I do

In addition to maintaining vue-gitlab-api and vue-github-api (deadly simple Vue.js plugins to consume GitLab and GitHub API), I am building GanttLab which is the easy to use, fully functional Gantt chart for GitLab and GitHub. Below you will find an overview of what I could help you with.

Fullstack Lead Developer

  • PHP: core, Laravel, Symfony, Wordpress, etc...
  • Node.js: core, Express, Feathers...
  • Vue.js: reactive components for modern web interfaces
  • HTML5 and CSS (LESS, SCSS)

Connected to the World

  • Conference and meetup speaker: constantly in touch with talented people around the world
  • Hiring and training teams: frontend, backend, projects management, team leaders
  • Volunteer of the world, always ready to help

Effective DevOps

  • Cloud computing: provider agnostic Infrastructure as a Service, AWS, DigitalOcean...
  • Configuration management and orchestration with Ansible
  • Managing Linux and FreeBSD servers
  • Automating the world: bash and cron scripts, continuous integration, servers deployment, continuous delivery

Qualified for your next tools

  • DC/OS Datacenter Operating System: Microservices and Containers
  • Installing and maintaining GitLab: from source, through omnibus package
  • Monitoring your infrastructure: Zabbix, Cacti...
  • Enpowering your logs: Graylog, Elastic Stack...
  • Setting up advanced workflows: building customized tools using APIs and hooks

Where do I work

Currently globetrotting: France, Dubai, Mauritius, New York, Montréal, Boston, Portugal, Spain, Martinique, Toronto... and counting!
Have a look at my #OfficeOfTheDay tweets, you could be surprised!